We are excited to be a part of the Texas Hemp Harvesters Association, bringing education, awareness and strategies to the team!

The founder and Executive Director Hannah Wilner and Indie founder Marlies Ledbetter will be speaking together on Environmental and Socio-Economic impacts that hemp will provide to Texas at the upcoming Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas Jan 28-30, 2020.

The mission of Texas Hemp Harvesters Association (TXHHA) is to advance Texas’ hemp economy by providing our local industry a platform to connect.

TXHHA is creating a league for Texans to shape state industrial hemp programs by educating members on current licensing requirements, responsible supply chain agreements, and new applications for the crop.

TXHHA provides benefits for farmers, supporting businesses, state agencies, our community and the nation by providing high quality events, education from top industry experts, all within an inclusive and supportive culture.

TXHHA is the HOME of Texas Hemp.