The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is an nonprofit educational and scientific society of qualified physicians and other professionals dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of cannabis for medical use. Its mission is to unite into one association members of the various medical specialties and allied professionals with this common purpose. The goals of the Society are as follows:

  1. Expansion of knowledge on the medical use of cannabis
  2. Facilitation of best practice standards for cannabis consultations
  3. To study, discuss and make recommendations relating to research, practice and policy in the medical use of cannabis
  4. To further the recruitment of medical graduates and healthcare professionals willing to recommend cannabis to patients
  5. To maintain and advance the highest possible ideals and service standards in the education, practice and research in the medical use of cannabis

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) was formed as a project of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group (CCRMG) in the Autumn of 2004 by the member physicians of the CCRMG to aid in the promulgation of voluntary standards for clinicians engaged in the recommendation and approval of cannabis under California law (HSC §11362.5).

The CCRMG was founded by Tod Mikuriya, MD in 1999, to enable doctors who have been monitoring their patients’ cannabis use to share data and observations. Our primary goals are the same as the stated goals of any reputable scientific endeavour: to bring out findings that are accurate, duplicable, and useful to the community at large. But in order to do this, we have to pursue parallel goals such as removing the impediments to clinical research created by Prohibition, and educating our colleagues, co-workers and patients as we educate ourselves about the medical uses of cannabis. As the collaborative effort continues to move closer to issuing guidelines, this site serves as a public venue for airing and discussing these guidelines.


Statement of Purpose:

The California Cannabis Research Medical Group (CCRMG) is dedicated to conducting quality medical cannabis research, to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all research subjects, and to maintaining the highest quality of standards and risk management. CCRMG was founded to:

(1) Establish an ambulatory medical clinic to provide medical care to the public and for the public benefit consistent with California’s HSC §11362.5;

(2) Contract with government and quasi-government agencies and divisions to administer medical programs, collect and report statistical information related to disease diagnosis, conduct medical research and provide medical ambulatory care and other medical services as needed by such government agencies; and

(3) Collect and evaluate research data in connection with clinical research programs, and to publish any such information in any media, including digital, book, video, and tape.



The Society of Cannabis Clinicians Board of Directors:

  • Stephen Robinson, MD, President
  • Genester Wilson-King, MD Co-Vice President
  • Sherry Yafai, MD Co-Vice President
  • Benson Hausman, MD Treasurer
  • Jeff Hergenrather, MD, Immediate Past President
  • Patricia Frye, MD
  • Fred Gardner
  • Joe D. Goldstritch, MD
  • Jeffrey Ostriker, MD
  • Dustin Sulak, DO
  • Mimi Vo, MD