How many hear this? “Let’s uncover some top reasons CannaProducts and C|B|D don’t work.

1. They tried it once and it didn’t work. Well, that’s stupid. NOTHING you try once and only once will change your life. That’s why I hate giving samples. With meds, lifestyle changes and anything else, it takes time. In my experience, most people start to see results around the 3-6 week mark. And with chronic issues, 6 months of consistent use. But can you imagine if you have a miracle waiting to happen? It did for me.

  1. That brings me to consistency. Since these products are not a one-off experience, it takes time and daily use to see changes, similar to any other medication or supplement. I recommend 2x daily starting out for the first couple months to establish your response to the products. Then after time, work on changing up your dosing.
  1. Dosing experimentation. Since everyone has drastically different systems, people’s dosing will also be drastically different. There’s no set dosing for anything and this takes time figuring out. If you have an advocate like me it can be easier, but here’s what to do: start low and go slow. This method is tried and true. Experiment with amounts, time of day, application of products….but make sure to document and be consistent.
  1. You increased your dose too much. Did you know that some plant medicines can actually do the opposite effect of the intention if you take too much? For instance, take a little bit of lavender and chamomile and be settled to sleep, but take too much and you’re up all night. Same for C|B|D. It’s bi-phasic. Google it 🙂
  1. Your expectations are wrong. Many people in a lot of pain or with chronic disorders expect quick results and this is not always the key. With any medicine, plant or synthetic, most will tell you to expect to use the product for 90 days to see any change at all. Because many issues are linked to inflammation, the products need time to work in the system to reduce those levels and help manage the pain. As with mental health issues, this can be more complicated as lifestyle, external factors and mindset can tip the experience too.