Tragically, Marlies – owner and head of education for Indie Hemp Company, lost her mother to hospital negligence and refusal of treatment with St. Luke’s CHI The Woodlands.  

As a studying Naturopath, partner with many functional and traditional medicine practices, she was well versed in the at-home treatments proven to work with thousands of clients she has helped over the past year. 

Despite her efforts, her mother had a severe reaction to the antibodies infusion through the county, and was taken by emergency care ambulance.  The response her body endured was severe, but without logical treatment, she was left with no options but to suffer or to die through comfort care.  They are actively pursuing legal action, as well as reporting the incidents through the Medical boards.  This should not happen to ANYONE! 


Her father recovered swiftly through the protocols they used and was negative within a week of treatments.  He has recovered fully and is also committed to letting others know that quick at home treatments like the ones used were life saving, especially for someone with several comorbidities, COPD and other lung issues.  

Her story is going global, and to make sure no one else has to endure the complications that the hospitals are inflicting on families… giving them no choice but to intubate with the unfathomable mortality rate, she is dedicated to sharing what has been working for thousands of her clients and her partnered doctors across the Houston area.