5 Reasons CBD May Not Be Working For You

There are a few reasons that CBD “doesn’t work” for some.  One of these reasons may help you find a better result for yourself.  These are the most common we see in our customer service department as well as what science tells us.

1.  It’s just not for you. 

I bet you didn’t see that one coming first did you?!  But, it’s true.  Some people’s bodies just don’t receive cannabinoids the same way others do.  We all have different systems with different amounts of receptors too.  But don’t worry, the other 4 reasons are more likely to be a reason so you still have hope!

2.  You need a different delivery system.

Maybe you started with the topical but really should start with the Oil.  The best absorption comes from our oil products placed under the tongue and held for 2-5 minutes.  Yea, it’s a lot longer than you think!

3.  You need to give it more time. 

We suggest taking your product daily for 2-3 weeks straight to load your body with the cannabinoids to ensure they can reach different receptors throughout your body.  It’s like starting to take a multi-vitamin, you’re not going to feel the effects day 1 from one serving.

4.  Taking too much at a time. 

The other most common mistake we see is taking too much too quickly.  More is NOT better.  Despite what others tell you or other companies read.  Bigger and more expensive do NOT mean a better product or faster results.  Your body will reject too many milligrams and not metabolize the CBD properly.  START SLOW!  Don’t spend too much, learn your body, and serving size!  We would love to help!

5.  You’re not using a high quality product like Green Compass Global!  

So that is, of course, the biggest problem!  We make our hemp from only the finest USDA CERTIFIED Organically grown North Carolina Hemp!  The same farm for 6 generations with the same strain of hemp and genetics since we began in 2019. But we are always researching and developing the best of the best!  Stick with us, we’ll always have your back!

We certainly hope this helps you find a bit more of the result you are looking for with your CBD journey! 

Quality CBD is easy!

You can be sure that anything you’re getting through our firm has been expertly vetted.  We prefer USDA Certified Organic Hemp products from Green Compass Farms.  Check them out!