With CBD, you’ll possibly experience the absence of anxiety — but nothing more than that. You won’t feel an extrahappy feeling in place of that anxiety, but perhaps happiness or calmness that already existed and was suppressed by your anxious feelings.

You’ll possibly feel the absence of insomnia, but you won’t feel extra sedated or groggy. You’ll go to sleep without feeling drowsiness or a hangover that you might get from something like NyQuil, Melatonin, or sleeping pills.

And you’ll possibly notice that you have less pain, but you won’t have any kind of body high to replace the void your pain or woe left behind. It’s not that CBD makes you feel “good” necessarily, but rather it makes you feel NOT bad. It eliminates whatever is plaguing you and allows your brain and body to return to its happy, healthy homeostasis.

Because CBD is a cannabinoid, people usually confuse CBD with THC — the psychoactive compound — and expect to feel intoxicated or high in some way. This is absolutely not what happens. You don’t get high. You don’t get stoned. Nothing happens. For real.

Remember with CBD and any natural product, it takes time to achieve the balance that the plant widely is used for. Don’t expect it to work like a pill. Or work quickly. Use good diet and exercise methods, mediate and listen to your body. Life changing experiences could be around the corner, but don’t give up!

All that said, if you’re still nervous, that’s normal given the circumstances. This seemingly miracle supplement has been kept from us for about a century, and we’ve been told it’s bad for the body. You’re going to have to see for yourself just how wrong that is!